Oxo Good Grips

Oxo Good Grips kitchen tools are durable and easy to use!

The ergonomic handles of the potato masher, citrus press, and other kitchen tools help you stay comfortable during the cooking process. When cooking, comfort and ease are key. That's why there’s the Good Grips collection of kitchen tools! Featuring soft, non-slip handles for a secure grip and comfort, these tools are ideal for everyday use. ...
With a range of functional tools for everyday cooking and baking, the Oxo Good Grips collection is designed to enhance your food preparation experience. From nonstick coating to comfortable handles, you'll love their complete set of innovative, functional kitchen products that save time and make cooking easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where to buy Oxo Good Grips?

If you are in the market for Oxo Good Grips kitchen tools and gadgets, you are at the right place! Here at Kitchenomics, we have everything from Oxo Good Grips, including cooking utensils, salad spinners, meat tenderizers, non-stick pans, and so much more.

+ Are Oxo Good Grips products dishwasher safe?

Most Oxo Good Grips tools and containers are dishwasher safe. Make sure to read the cleaning and care instructions on the packaging to ensure the longevity of your Oxo Good Grips products.

+ What is the difference between Oxo Good Grips and Oxo Softworks?

If you are looking for the latest in design and look, Oxo Good Grips stands above SoftWorks products. However, since the retailers selling SoftWorks products also demand good-looking products from Oxo, you won’t see a significant difference when it comes to appearance, quality, or performance.

Oxo Good Grips has a very similar product selection, although the selection is larger, to SoftWorks. Oxo Good Grips products are primarily sold at specialty stores, while SoftWorks products are sold in more mass retailers.

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