Labell Inc. was established over a decade ago and is located on Quebec's South Shore. Every Labell maple cutting board is made in Canada from salvaged or recuperated hardwood. They make both end grain and non end grain wood cutting boards in many shapes and sizes.

Labell boards will last a lifetime and are easily maintained. Upon purchase of your board it is recommended that you apply warm cutting board oil (mineral oil) all over the surface. Let the oil penetrate and remove the surplus.

To clean your cutting board use a little bit of dish soap and warm water. Then dry. Large salt and lemon can be used to remove any lingering tastes or odors. Simply rub the salt into the wood with the lemon to deep clean and exfoliate. The board should be re-oiled after every 4 or 5 cleanings.

Labell cutting boards can be made to look brand new, with a little light sanding, to remove knife marks, etc. After sanding re-oil the board with Labell cutting board oil.

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