Discover the carbonating power of Sodastream right here at Kitchenomics

Sodastream allows you to bring home the ultimate drink-making experience. Brighten up your boring water with bubbles for an effervescent addition to your day. By using the Sodastream system to make sparkling beverages, you can save close to five hundred single-use plastic bottles a month! Sustainable and simple to use, Sodastream is the right choice for anyone looking to reduce their waste and up their hydration game at the same time. ...
Shop everything Sodastream at Kitchenomics. Be sure to check out our selection of syrups, including flavors like cola, grapefruit, lime, and ginger ale from brands like Pepsi, 7-Up, Bubly, and more. Choose whatever Sodastream model fits your style: Genesis Titan, Source, or Fizzi, all in a variety of colors.

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